8. Water Filter.  This is the MOST AMAZING filter from GOD!  (GOD CREATED WATER!) These amazing units actually WASH THE AIR! Sounds interesting, right? But this is EXACTLY what they do! They use absolutely the same technology as the nature outside does every day.   The air outside is washed and cleaned daily with rain, snow, fog sleet & hail... 

Have you stepped out ouside after a fresh-rain?  Smells Good, Doesn't it?

Wouldn't it be nice to have that same Clean Smell in your home Everyday?

This system has finally allowed us to have the Solution to get rid of the Pollution...

Also, have you ever wondered why the water filtration vacuums (vacuums that use water as a filter) are the most expensive on the market (please see my other auctions, I have the best selections of them on ebay!).  Because they are the ONLY vacuums that work! (and not release dangerous bacreria, dust mytes and viruses back into the air)  They use water (which was created by GOD!), so yes, it is GOD's filter to cleanse everything!!

These 2 of the Air Revatalizer units (which come with this auction) use the same technology, it was created by God and is used by nature outside EVERY SINGLE DAY!  And NOBODY can do better than our creator, so if your Air Purification System is missing the Water Filtration Stage, it is missing a lot!!!!!  They work on the Principle that "WET DUST CANNOT FLY"


(please call me 718-891-8591 if you need my assistance in any way...)


  1. 9.UV light on the Deodorizer Air Freshner units which kills 99.99% of all microorganisms like bacreria, mold spores, mildew, fungi, viruses, yeast and airborn germs as they pass through the unit

These units also make a relaxation sound of ocean waves and also can be used as a beautiful night light -- kids will love it -- and their and yours good night sleep will be much much better and you will be much more refreshed after you wake up!!!! These are TRULLY AMAZING units!!!!!
10. Deodorizing & Sanitizing Stage with using the (included in this auction) super concentrated Air Fresh & Deodorizer Solutions.

Valley Fresh and Mountain Mist Deodorizer Air Freshner Solution liquids. These are very concentrated order neutralizers, required only 1 cap into the water. These liquids will remove the orders and unpleasant smells (for example, after cooking fish) and will bring the smell of freshness into your breathing and living environment (large 32 oz bottles, 2-3 year supply)

  1. 11.Aromatizing stage: with using the best fragrances super concentrated natual oils to completely refresh and aromatize your living and breathing environment.

12-16. Stages 12 through 16 are the same as stages 7 through 11 (as you are getting 2 (two) of the Air Revatilizer Deodorizer Air Freshner Units, so both of them combined give double the stages.


IDEALLY, THESE ALL UNITS ARE BEST IF USED TOGETHER ON THE SAME up to 3500 SQ FT LIVING SPACE (that's the whole point of combining all the available air purification, sterilization, sanitizine, air freshning, deodorizing and aromatizing technologies combined.  These units can also be used separately from each other, that way the maximum sq ft they will cover is: up to 3500 sq ft the Main Air Purifier Sterilizer Unit + (up to) 800 sq ft (1st Air Freshner Deodorizer Unit) + (up to) 800 sq ft (2nd Air Freshner Deodorizer Unit) = (up to) 5100 sq ft  WOW!!!!!!! (YOU WILL NOT FIND ANYTHING LIKE THAT ANYWHERE!!!!!)


Shows the AMAZING! entire package again!



A few more very important things to know:

YOU, the customer is the most important for us and never overlooked. 

Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed with our auctions.  You get out best attention at all times.  All your questions are answered in full in a very timely matter.


BUYERS PROTECTION OF UP TO $100,000 FOR THIS TRANSACTION (if you pay with your credit card through our most secure server  via authorize.net) (per federal banking regulations or if using paypal 100% total cost is covered by paypal buyer protection policy).

Also, we ship with most care possible, we take our time to pack it very very securely and safely with super quality brand new materials.  Easy system will be double boxed in the double walles extra strong thick corrugated containters for the safest delivery possible.  We are sure you will appreciate that when you open the box and receive everything in same super great shape it left us in. 

Also, you signature is required on delivery, we pay extra for this service to make sure that UPS does not leave the package at your door without your signature, this makes sure that your neighbors do not get your package, but you personally get the package and sign for it.

Also,  each package is insured for the FULL amount, this is just another layer of protection for you.


The retail price of this fantastic Super Deluxe! Package is $2195 and you are guaranteed to receive only the top quality product we know you are looking for.  We make sure you only get best of the best.  You will have a peace of mind long time after your purchase.  


Your complete satisfaction and peace of mind is always guaranteed with our auctions. 

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed, so bid with complete confidence!!!

Thank you for your time and Good Luck!!!!

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