Newest 2014 Model!

Brand New! Brand New! Brand New! Brand New! Brand New!


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We are Official Direct Factory AUTHORIZED distributors for this product! Comes with 10 year* OFFICIAL factory warranty 2-SPEED Motor is MADE IN ITALY (including local service, complete details below)

Welcome To our Auction! From The Vacuums Professionals!

About us:

Finally You Found Your Vacuum Professionals! We are dedicated to your BEST buying experience and are dedicated to provide support for your machines for many years to come! We care with all of our being that You only get the BEST of the BEST (product, service and support) and therefore will recommend us to your friends and relatives! Please feel free to call me 718-891-8591 anytime to order or for support. You will have FREE Support from us with this unit for life. Even if you purchased a vacuum from us 1-5-10... years ago, we will still provide the FREE support for You! We Love What We Do! Get your vacuum package here From The Professionals who care! LIFETIME technical support for your machine!

(and of course 10 years* official manufacturer's warranty for this particular package!! (factory warranty details are at the bottom of the ad).  Buying your vacuum anywhere other than The Vacuum Professionals, means you might regret it in the long run.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about usage, maintenance....or if you need my assistance in any way! I will do my best to help you. I truly enjoy speaking with my customers!

Attention for this AMAZING:

 Brand New in ORIGINAL Gift Color Boxes!!!! NEWEST MODEL Sirena SUPER DELUXE

This Auction is for Complete Newest and the BEST! Latest Model Sirena Super Deluxe Advanced Edition with New and Improved 2-speed computerized motor technology.

 This is the New Super Advanced edition of the Sirena Total Home Cleaning System! More Advanced than the one speed on other competitive models.  Make sure you are getting the 2 speed!

(plus you get all $350+ In Extras Below....... for Free!!!)

Item is guaranteed to be 100% as pictured and described or your money back !!!

100% Positive Seller Feedback!

100% Buyer Protection! (Guaranteed documented protection! see below)


Bid with confidence!!!


 Brand New in ORIGINAL Gift Color Boxes!!!! with 10 year manufacturer's warranty (1st time ever! in this industry!)(we are the official distributors, so YOU get the official warranty!)

Perfect Holiday Gift for Yourself, Your Loved Ones, Family & Friends!!!

1201a Avenue U   Brooklyn, NY 11229-4108   PLACE ORDER   TEL: 718-934-2460

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